About us: Children's A&E

The freshly designed and completely refurbished Children’s Accident and Emergency Department has opened at Hillingdon Hospital. The facility has been designed to a high specification providing a better environment and facilities for children and their families, including bigger bed bays with chair-beds for parents.

It is decorated throughout with child-friendly graphics based on the Hillingdon trail which depicts local landmarks. These graphics were designed with input from children.

New ward on Children's A&E
New ward on Children's A&E

The unit consists of a paediatric assessment unit which is a four-bed unit for patients who require a short stay, usually for observation or awaiting a diagnostic result; a triage room where initial assessments will take place; and a clinic room for patients requiring follow-up monitoring which will also take GP referrals. In addition there are six A&E consulting rooms, one of which is an isolation room with an en-suite bathroom, and one a high-dependency step-down room for patients who have come from the resuscitation unit.

The rebuild was part of a wider £5 million investment at Hillingdon to expand and improve services for women and children. It has been made possible through funding from the Shaping a Healthier Future programme, the government’s reconfiguration scheme of healthcare in North West London.

Children’s services was expanded alongside the Trust’s maternity services to accommodate the increase in demand following the closure of the Maternity Unit and Paediatric A&E at Ealing Hospital.

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has also recruited additional staff to manage the increasing number of children it is seeing.