About us: Nuclear Medicine Facility

SPECT CT scanner
SPECT CT scanner being opened by HRH The Princess Royal

Our Nuclear Medicine Facility was officially opened on 9 March 2016.

HRH The Princess Royal visited Hillingdon Hospital to unveil a plaque to mark the occasion. A £900k SPECT CT scanner is the focal point of the facility, comprising a gamma camera with an integrated diagnostic CT scanner. The equipment combines the best aspects of two different types of imaging in one piece of equipment, and produces more accurate, combined clinical images.

SPECT CT provides a substantially improved service for patients during their treatment as it can speed up diagnosis and they need to attend fewer appointments. This is particularly beneficial for unwell and frail patients whose stress and anxiety at attending multiple hospital appointments can be greatly reduced.

Shane DeGaris said: “The new facility is a breakthrough in offering our team a tremendous opportunity to improve the experience of our patients as effectively and quickly as possible. The centre not only provides patients and their families with a more convenient, comfortable environment, but also enables a quicker and more reliable diagnosis.

“The journey to bringing this facility to the Trust has taken many years of hard work and it is thanks to the dedication of the radiology team that we can be proud to now offer this service to our patients.”