About us: Simulation Centre

Simulation Centre

Hillingdon Hospital now has a state-of-the-art Simulation Centre, with the most up-to-date simulation kit available. It is one of only a handful of its type in the country.

The new training facility enables staff to act out clinical scenarios and carry-out a range of clinical procedures with the aid of robotic ‘patients.’

The centre is kitted out with three ‘patients’ – known as high-fidelity sim models (robots) - an adult male, child and mother and baby robot. Trainers control the highly sophisticated models from a discrete control room in real time and observe how the ‘patients’ respond to the treatment being provided.

The models can sweat, cry and even speak! Their heart rate, blood pressure and breathing are all responsive to treatment and they can detect if they have been given the correct amount of medication.

Sim mum is a scaled down version of sim man and focuses on childbirth. She is used for maternity training involving a range of staff including anaesthetists, midwives and obstetricians to practice obstetric emergencies. Some of the key incidents during childbirth that sim mum can simulate include shoulder dystocia, haemorrhage, cord prolapse and uterine inversion.

An advanced audio visual camera system has also been installed so that the clinical training sessions can be observed and recorded as events unfold.

The centre also boasts three additional teaching areas, with the most up-to-date interactive smart board monitors. These enable trainers to interact with students and deliver information during scenarios, and provide real-time demonstrations simultaneously in the centre, at satellite sites and potentially elsewhere across the UK in the future.