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Thinking of a career in one of our hospitals? We have a wide variety of jobs in our Trust which provides services from both Hillingdon and Mount Vernon Hospital. Employing over 3,500 members of staff, we are proud to support our workforce in their training and development as well as their job fulfillment and work/home balance.

Ward Manager on Beaconsfield East
Governance Lead on Lister Ward
Division of Medicine, Hillingdon Hospital

“I believe that complaints can improve care leading to major and lasting change!”
Ward Manager on Beaconsfield East
Senior Occupational Therapist on Lister Ward
Frailty Ward, Hillingdon Hospital

“It's a very supportive team.”
Ward Manager on Beaconsfield East
Frailty Team Ward Manager on Lister Ward
Frailty Ward, Hillingdon Hospital

“I like the challenge of working in Lister Ward and enjoy helping the flow of patients through the services at the hospital..”
Ward Manager on Beaconsfield East
Ward Manager on Beaconsfield East
Older Adult Rehabilitation, Hillingdon Hospital

“During the day, I normally stay out and about around the walk as I prefer to have patient contact.”
Senior Sister ICU
Senior Sister
Intensive Care Unit, Hillingdon Hospital

"I love coming to work knowing I can make a difference in someone’s life."
Hepatitis nurse
Hepatitis nurse specialist
Hepatitis, Hillingdon Hospital

"I must be me a strong candidate for being last into the nursing profession and last out."
Physiotherapy, Hillingdon Hospital

"It’s a hands on profession but you can see the positive results of what you are doing."
Homebirth midwife
Homebirth midwife
Maternity, Hillingdon Hospital

"It’s a great privilege to be involved in one of the most important moments in a woman’s life."
Specialist Nurse Chronic Pain
Nurse Specialist in Chronic Pain Clinic
Chronic Pain Clinic, Hillingdon Hospital

"I like the work because it keeps me on my toes. It is a demanding job but the reward is worth it."
Specialist Nurse Neonatal Unit
Senior Nurse in Neonatal Unit
Neonatal Unit, Hillingdon Hospital

"These babies are born with a huge disadvantage so the team put everything we can into helping them."
Jack Creagh
Head of Spiritual & Pastoral Care
Chaplaincy, Hillingdon Hospital

"I like to challenge that stereotype and let people know that I am here for everyone."
Senior Anatomical Pathology Technician
Mortuary, Hillingdon Hospital

"We pride ourselves on being compassionate and caring but recognise that people react to grief in different ways." website

There is a wealth of NHS career information on the website including skills and entry requirements, real life stories, training and pay information.

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