Hillingdon Hospital
Telephone number: 01895 279301

The Admissions department monitors and manages patient admissions to the hospital. This can either be through A&E (as an emergency) or the waiting list (electively). There are three types of elective hospital admission depending on the nature of tests or treatment that you require. Your doctor, dentist or optician will refer you for treatment, and as a hospital patient, you will fall under one of the following categories:

  • Outpatient
    If you are referred to see a hospital consultant for a specialist opinion, your visit to the consultant is an outpatient appointment. You do not need to stay in hospital.
  • Day patient
    If you need a hospital bed for tests or surgery, but do not need to stay overnight for surgery, you will have a day patient appointment (also known as a day case).
  • Inpatient
    If you need a hospital bed because you have to stay in hospital for tests or surgery, you will have an inpatient appointment.

For whichever type of care you require, you will receive a letter with details of your appointment date and time, including directions to the hospital and appropriate clinic. Alternatively, you may be asked to telephone the hospital yourself to arrange an appointment on a convenient day.

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Hillingdon Hospital
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