Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Orthodontics

There are currently 12 new/review maxillo/facial clinics, 10 surgical clinics, and 5 orthodontic clinics per week.

Our aim is to see routine new patients within 5 weeks of referral from their GP or General Dental Practitioner. If  treatment is required we aim to start it within 18 weeks of referral.

Once a referral has been received it is vetted by one of our consultants. You will then be invited to ring the hospital booking centre to arrange an appointment, which is convenient.

  • Orthodontic - Management of patients with dental/facial growth problems, trauma, missing teeth, and correction of severely crooked teeth.
  • Oral surgery - Surgical procedures in the mouth that a dentist cannot do. These may be surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth, biopsy of the tongue or paediatric dental extractions.
  • Maxillo-facial surgery - Treatment of head and neck cancers and skin cancers.

Please note we are not a dental service and do not provide any treatment such as fillings or dentures or other treatment routinely provided by a dentist.


On arrival to the department, patients are greeted by our reception staff and if they require an x-ray before seeing the doctor, directed to the appropriate department. Patients are seen in order of appointment, and we do aim to see all patients within 30 mins of their allocated time, but occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances we do not always achieve this.

Patients then have a consultation including discussion about the referred condition, information regarding past and present medical history and an examination of mouth, head or neck. If treatment is required, the procedure is explained and the reception staff arrange an appointment.

Patients who fail to attend for appointments are discharged from the department, and will need to be referred back if they require another appointment.

Surgeon assesses woman's jaw

Oral Surgery & Orthodontic
Reception 3, Outpatients
Hillingdon Hospital
Telephone: 01895 279224 (8:30am-5pm)