Infection Prevention and Control

Our Infection Prevention and Control Team are based at Hillingdon Hospital but also provide cover for Mount Vernon Hospital. We work to minimise the risk of infection related to healthcare by providing evidence-based preventative and management strategies for Infection Prevention and Control. Strict Infection Prevention and Control guidelines are adhered to throughout both of our hospitals.

See our performance section for Trust reports and data on Infection Prevention and Control

What we do

The Infection Prevention and Control Team aim to help prevent hospital-acquired infection by:

  1. Providing advice for staff to help them prevent and manage infection
  2. Providing advice on the management of individual patients, or suspected outbreaks of infection
  3. Providing best practice advice in the prevention of infection associated with any area of healthcare
  4. Undertaking a programme of audit and surveillance
  5. Writing policies and guidance for all staff on the prevention and management of infection
  6. Providing education and training programmes for all members of staff
  7. Liaising with other departments to provide infection control advice, e.g. Occupational Health, Catering and Housekeeping.

Statement on MRSA screening for emergency patients:

The Trust is compliant with the Department of Health (DOH) 2014 guidance to ensure that emergency admissions in key high risk areas are screened for MRSA; such as those being admitted for surgery. The Trust has processes in place to ensure that specific groups of elective and emergency patients are screened for MRSA prior/on their admission to hospital as per the MRSA screening policy (on patient leaflet page).

The Infection Control team

  • Director of Infection Prevention and Control
  • Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control
  • Consultant Microbiologist/Infection Control Doctor
  • Consultant Microbiologist
  • Lead Nurse Infection Prevention and Control
  • Senior Infection Prevention and Control Nurse
  • Senior Infection Prevention and Control Project Nurse
  • Antimicrobial Pharmacist
  • Team Administrator
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Infection Control
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