The Council of Governors

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Council of Governors meetings

  • 8 February
  • 31 May
  • 26 July
  • 29 November

Annual Members' Meeting: 20 September 2022 - everyone is welcome

2022 meeting documents

  • Council of Governors meeting1: 8 Feb 2022 1042 KB (pdf)
  • Council of Governors meeting2: 31 May 2022 3125 KB (pdf)
  • Council of Governors meeting3: 26 July 2022 5703 KB (pdf)
  • Come to a meeting

    All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise stated. The meetings are currently face-to-face at Hillingdon Hospital with the option of joining online via MS Teams.

    Instructions on how to join a meeting are included in the meeting documents

    What is the role of the Foundation Trust governors?

    The governors are central to the local accountability of a Foundation Trust and have an important role in ensuring that the Trust Board takes account of the views of the members and stakeholders when making major decisions.

    The Council of Governors:

    • Appoint, and if appropriate, remove the Trust Chairman;
    • Appoint, and if appropriate, remove the Non-Executive Directors;
    • Decide the remuneration and terms and conditions of office of the Chairman and the Non-Executive Directors;
    • Approve the appointment (by the Non-Executive Directors) of the Chief Executive;
    • Appoint, and if appropriate, remove the Foundation Trust’s external auditor;
    • Receive the Foundation Trust’s annual accounts, any report of the auditor on them, and the annual report; and
    • Approve ‘significant’ transactions that the Trust is seeking to undertake.

    In addition, the Board must consult the Council of Governors when it is preparing the Foundation Trust’s annual plan. The Board must present its proposals for generating income from non-NHS activities to the Governors and the Council of Governors vote each year on whether these activities are at the detriment of the core NHS activities. The Council of Governors must approve increases in such income above a certain level.

    What are the governors not there to do?

    The governors have a strategic role and should not get involved in:

    • Individual complaints;
    • Staff grievances or appeals;
    • The day to day running of the Foundation Trust;
    • Ensuring that the Trust meets healthcare standards and targets.

    Governors should hold the Board to account for the performance of the Foundation Trust, but should not try to veto the decisions of the Board, as the Board is accountable for the success (or failure) of the Foundation Trust.

    When does the Council of Governors meet?

    Meetings are held quarterly (February, May, July, November). Details of upcoming meetings, and papers and minutes from past meetings are available on the governors' meetings page. Meetings are held in public and there is an opportunity to ask questions about the Trust.

    Who sits on the Council of Governors?

    There are 25 members of the Council of Governors:

    13 public governors »

    Public Constituency – North

    • Mr Graham Bartram
    • Mr Ian Bendall
    • Mr John Philip Clark
    • Mr Tony Ellis

    Public Constituency – Central

    • Mrs Rosemary Jenkins
    • Mr Ian Burnell
    • Mr Mohan Sharma
    • Mrs Beulah Mary East

    Public Constituency – South

    • Mrs Marian Thompson
    • Mr Des Brown
    • Mr Ahmet Moustafa
    • Mr Harjinder Singh Hoonjan

    Rest of England – Vacancy remains

    7 staff governors »

    • Mrs Gillian Pearce
    • Mrs Lubna Hussain
    • Ms Mildred Neale
    • Mr Arun Natarajan
    • Mr Stefan Krok-Paszkowski
    • Mr Jack Creagh
    • One vacancy remains

    5 appointed governors »

    • Mrs Lynn Hill
    • Mrs Mary O'Connor
    • Ms Natasha Wills
    • Dr Angela Joseph
    • Miss Nicole Rennison

    How do I contact a governor?

    If you would like to contact a governor or would like to find out more about the Foundation Trust then contact the Foundation Trust Office on:
    Telephone number: 0800 8766953 Email:
    Write to: Foundation Trust Membership Office, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Pield Heath Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3NN.

    Can I join the Council of Governors?

    Public Governors are voluntary, unpaid and elected for three years. To join the Council of Governors, you will first need to become a member of the Foundation Trust. Elections are run independently of the Trust according to rules set out in the Foundation Trust’s constitution.

    Council of Governors code of conduct

    Governors must abide by a code of conduct (pdf, 44KB) and there are some restrictions (pdf, 27KB) on who can become a governor.

    FT Office Tel: 0800 8766953
    FT Membership Office
    The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    Pield Heath Road, Uxbridge, UB8 3NN