Foundation Trust (FT)

What is a Foundation Trust?

NHS Foundation Trusts operate independently of the Department of Health and the Strategic Health Authority, but remain part of the National Health Service. This gives us greater freedom and more formal links with patients and staff. We are accountable to them through an elected and appointed Council of Governors. There is also an independent regulator called Monitor to protect the public interest.

  • Declaration of Interest (Governors) 2020-21 99 KB (pdf)
  • Declaration of interest (Board) 2020-21 111 KB (pdf)
  • If we make a surplus as a Foundation Trust, we can invest this back into our services. Like the NHS, Foundation Trusts have to deliver on national targets and standards, but are free to decide how to achieve this.

    Become a member

    Foundation Trust status increases the opportunity for our patients, staff and local residents to play a part in our future, by becoming members. Being a member provides the opportunity to take part in the election of the Council of Governors, representing the views of members and ensuring the Trust is accountable to the local community.

    What are the benefits?

    Foundation Trusts have more freedom to decide how to run their affairs and deliver services, but remain part of the National Health Service. Membership will make sure we deliver better patient and public engagement.

    What does being a Foundation Trust mean for staff?

    Staff have involvement in developing our strategy through staff membership.

    Who runs the hospital?

    In the same way as the previous structure, the Trust has a Chief Executive, executive directors and a board of directors who manage the Trust.

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