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Return to wearing masks in all areas of our hospitals

The NHS in North West London is under significant pressure at the current time with a high number of very sick patients and we are working at full capacity.

We are therefore once again asking patients, visitors and staff to wear masks in all areas of our hospitals, sanitising hands before putting on a mask, and disposing of masks in bins.

As always, our main focus is on keeping people safe and ensuring that everyone receives the care they need as soon as possible. There may be short-term changes to how we manage patient flow in our services, including infection prevention and control.

During this time, we are asking staff and patients to inform others if there has been any contact with someone who has flu or Covid-19. Patients may be moved during their stay to create beds for new admissions.

Everything is being done to ensure that people are not exposed to additional risk when in hospital.

In addition, we ask you to help us where possible by only visiting if you are well and symptom free, remembering to wash your hands regularly and minimising the number of people visiting at any time.