The current hospital

Q. What is wrong with the current hospital? 

The Hillingdon Hospital has a range of long-standing issues centred on the age and inefficiency of the site, leading to poor patient and staff experience. These issues make it harder for us to achieve our mission to provide high quality, safe and compassionate care to improve the health and wellbeing of the people we serve. 


Q. Is the hospital currently safe? 

We want to reassure patients that they should continue to use Hillingdon Hospital for their care. This redevelopment project is about safeguarding the future of the hospital.

A new hospital on the current site

Q. Why is the preferred way forward to build a new hospital on the current site?  

We had a long list of potential options, which became a shortlist of feasible options. The shortlist of options were evaluated against agreed criteria. The process for arriving at the preferred way forward involved collaboration with key local stakeholders through the Redevelopment Partnership Board. Based on that, a new hospital on the current site is the preferred way forward.  More information is available on the plans section of this website. The Trust remains open to considering any new options for the redevelopment of the hospital should these emerge.  


Q. What will be the benefits of building a new hospital?   

A new hospital provides the opportunity to improve facilities and provide the hospital that our patients and staff deserve.  More detail is available in the vision section of this website. 


Q. Why did you decide not to build on the Brunel site?

A new build on the current Hillingdon Hospital site was considered favourable to a new build on the Brunel University London site as it has a lower cost, can be delivered faster and has fewer delivery risks. On all criteria, the option of a full redevelopment on the current Hillingdon Hospital site was scored as the most favoured or joint most favoured option. Advice from the Trust’s planning advisors indicates that releasing the Greenbelt land at the Brunel University site for hospital development would result in a 2-3 year delay to the scheme. This planning application would also be a ‘very high risk’ application as it would need to demonstrate that brownfield sites (i.e. the current site) had been considered and were unviable and/or prohibitively expensive.

Timeline and cost

Q. What is the timeline for the project?    

Whilst a redevelopment of the Hillingdon Hospital on the current site is our preferred way forward, we must progress through a number of phases before we are able to start construction. In total, there are three phases. To support this, we will be holding conversations with our local communities, stakeholders and staff to get their views.  Current plans would see the new hospital open in early 2026.


Q. How much will the hospital redevelopment cost?  

We are currently working through our business case, developing our plans in line with feedback from clinical, public and regulator engagement.  This planning will provide an estimated capital cost which will be confirmed once the OBC is complete and reviewed by regulators.

Plans for the new hospital

Q. Can you tell us more about the car parking arrangements in the new hospital?

We will be providing car parking as part of the redevelopment. We recognise this is important to our patients and visitors. We very much welcome people’s feedback and ideas on this as we progress with our plans.


Q. Will there be a helipad?

Helipads are located at Major Trauma Centres(MTC). Air Ambulances will be called if there is a major incident and will then take patients to a major trauma centre. There are no plans for Hillingdon Hospital to be an MTC, so we are not planning for a helipad.

During construction

Q. I live on a road adjacent to the hospital – how will the construction impact me?

We are looking at a number of ways of reducing the impact of the construction on the traffic in the surround roads, including a haul road through the site.  We will continue to work with the Council and local residents to develop the best way forward.


Q. What will happen to the current hospital while you are building a new one?

The hospital will remain open with all services continuing to operate. 


Q. Will the A&E continue to run during construction of the new hospital?


If you have any questions about the redevelopment, please contact us