Public Partnership Forum

Our Hospital Redevelopment Public Partnership Forum (HRPPF) ensures that the patient voice is a central part of shaping the plans to build a new hospital.  Public Partners sit on the HRPPF and one of the public working groups.  Each working group covers a key area of the redevelopment and many members have experience in one of these areas either as a patient, carer or relative. Members will attend virtual meetings and be an active member of the Forum, bringing their experience and ensuring that the public voice is represented and considered as part of our decision making. We recruited for members in October 2020.
The working groups
  1. Urgent and emergency care - Services provided through urgent care, A&E and short stay admissions
  2. Maternity and neonatal - Pre-natal care, birth and care of our smallest patients.
  3. Children and young people - In and outpatient care for those under 18.
  4. Adult inpatient / Clinical support - Inpatient medical, nursing, therapy and other supportive care for longer admissions
  5. Planned care - Outpatient, planned medical day care and surgical day / inpatient care, cancer care
  6. Digital and technology - Clinical and non clinical including hospital appointments, wayfinding, and the supporting digital software and hardware
  7. Other non-clinical - Non clinical areas including reception, catering, patient affairs, religious, education and training
  8. Communications and engagement - Providing advice on our engagement approach and supporting the development of clear information to the community