First floor (end of Outpatients Department corridor)
Hillingdon Hospital
Telephone: 01895 279248


The Cardiology Department deals with disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Our multidisciplinary team provides a full range of non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with all forms of cardiac disease, including ischaemic disease, valvular disease and heart attack and rehabilitation.

Clinic times

Clinics are run daily and you will receive a confirmation letter with details of your appointment, where to go and who you will be seen by.

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Cardiology Department
01895 279255
Dr S Dubrey
Cardiology Consultant
Dr G Karagiannis
Cardiology Consultant
Dr G Rosser
Cardiology Consultant
Dr Mohssen Chabok
Cardiology Consultant
Dr Savvas Hadjiphilippou
Cardiology Consultant

Some heart tests

There are a number of different tests to help diagnose heart-related problems, including the tests below.

Ask for more details at your hospital appointment or for a complete list of tests and procedures (including videos for many), please go to NHS Choices website.