North West London Pathology (Phlebotomy)

Phlebotomy (taking blood)

Hillingdon and Mount Vernon hospitals no longer accept any requests for routine blood tests from GPs. Instead, provision has been made for routine tests to be undertaken in GP practices in our community.

This is an agreed approach between The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Mount Vernon and Hillingdon hospitals, and local GPs, and extends a process which has been in place at Hillingdon Hospital for some time.

A limited number of appointments will be available at the two hospitals each day for urgent appointments which will not need to be booked. Patients referred directly from outpatient clinics at Hillingdon or Mount Vernon hospitals will not be affected by this change.

Clinic times: 7am-4pm Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays

We have introduced some changes in response to Covid-19

Do not leave for your appointment if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new continuous cough
  • loss of smell or taste

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms follow the national Covid-19 guidance.

Please help us to protect other patients, visitors and our staff.

Please wear a face covering when you come to the hospital. Your face covering must cover your face and nose.

Please attend your appointment alone if possible as this helps us to reduce footfall.

When you enter the hospital your temperature will be checked and you will be asked a few questions. This is known as screening and is aimed at helping us to identify whether you have any symptoms that may suggest you have Covid-19.

If you are found to have symptoms you may be asked to go home and to return on another day.

Seating space in our waiting areas and the number of clinic rooms has been reduced in order to enable us to observe social distancing. At busy times you may have to queue in the corridor where floor markings have been placed to assist with social distancing. If you have a specific reason why this is likely to prove difficult please let us know.

Glucose tolerance tests (appointment only)

For Mount Vernon Hospital ring 01923 844732.
Please note that if you wish to have this test performed quickly, you may be best advised to make an appointment at Mount Vernon Hospital.

Haematology clinic times:

Paediatric Clinic
Monday 9.30am-12.30pm
New Patient Clinic
Monday 10-11am and Thursday 10-11.30am
General Clinic
Tuesday 9am-12 noon
Mount Vernon Clinic
Wednesday 9am-12 noon
NB Children under 16 cannot give blood at Mount Vernon Hospital. Please either attend at Hillingdon Hospital or consult your GP

These are NOT 'taking blood' clinics - see phlebotomy times above.