Maternity: Newborn Hearing Centre

Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP)

One to two babies in every 1000 are born with a hearing loss in one or both ears which will affect their social and language development. Early identification is known to be important for the development of the child as support and information can be given to parents of a baby with a hearing loss in the first few weeks of life.

NHSP at Hillingdon Hospital

Our philosophy is to deliver an equitable, clinically robust, safe, family friendly service based on best practice. We aim to ensure all parents are offered hearing screening for their newborn child within the first few weeks of life. The Newborn Screening Team is specially trained and dedicated to provide a high quality service working closely with the Neonatal Unit, Maternity and Paediatric Audiology. The Newborn Hearing Screening Unit is situated on the 3rd floor of the maternity building. The department has two full time screeners, four part-time screeners and a manager who overseas all aspects of the service.  Our facilities include testing rooms, an office and a waiting room with baby changing facility.

The screening is carried out in hospital prior to discharge and those babies that are missed are offered screening at the outpatient clinic. We aim to offer screening to at least 98 per cent of Hillingdon CCG babies  within four weeks of birth - including those born in other hospitals or at home.

The programme is overseen by the MRC who set guidelines and protocols including targets for each site. Here at Hillingdon we are pleased to say that we have been Quality Assessed twice since the initial set-up and we have excellent results.

Newborn baby

Newborn Hearing Centre
3rd Floor
Maternity Building
Hillingdon Hospital