Wards, clinics and contacts

Delivery Suite / Labour Ward

The Delivery Suite has 12 delivery rooms with en suite shared bathrooms. We have one family room located next to the birthing pool room. There is also a theatre and recovery area.  We offer natural and water births to low risk mothers as well as epidurals if needed.

If you request an epidural we offer a 24 hour service. Mothers are encouraged to go home between 2-6 hrs after delivery if there are no complications following the birth. The birthing pool can be used as a means of pain relief and relaxation or to give birth in water. En suite to the labour ward is an anaesthetic room, maternity theatre and recovery area with two beds.

Telephone numbers: 01895 279441, 01895 279463

Katherine Ward (Antenatal)

Katherine Ward is a 17 bedded inpatient ward on the 2nd floor. 4 beds are for day assessment. 9 single rooms are allocated for women who have pregnancy complications, where mother and baby’s health can be monitored - these are for women who are likely to stay a long time.

Telephone numbers: 01895 279462, 01895 279935

Alexandra Ward (Postnatal)

Alexandra Ward is a 22 bedded inpatient ward situated on the third floor. The postnatal ward is where you will go after the birth of your baby (unless you go directly home). There are also 5 single bedded rooms. The postnatal team here look after both mother and baby in the postnatal period.

After the birth of your baby we can offer an amenity room if one is available, the cost is currently £100 for a shared bathroom or £150 for individual bathroom per night. Unfortunately these rooms cannot be booked in advance but please mention your request to the labour ward midwife after the birth of your baby. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request if a room is available. The cost of the room does not include any private care or separate menus.

Once you have been discharged you will be moved to the transfer lounge ready to go home.

Telephone numbers: 01895 279459, 01895 279934

Day Assessment Unit

This service is designed for women who may be showing signs of early complications, but do not require admission to hospital. It allows for your pregnancy to be more closely monitored. If you require an appointment in this Unit your midwife or obstetrician will give you information on what to expect.

Support and advice

Telephone support and advice is available 24 hours a day, as well as assessment on admission offering a more efficient service to women as they arrive. During your pregnancy, please consider your transport arrangements for your journey to hospital. Only use ambulances in case of emergency. In all instances, please telephone us before arriving at the hospital, on 01895 279441.

Tell us how it went

Our Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) aims to ensure parents' views of local maternity services are taken into account when commissioning those services. So please give us your feedback by filling out this online form. No record of your details will be kept, all feedback is treated as anonymous'.

Professional Midwifery Advocates Role

We have a network of Professional Midwifery Advocates who are proactive in supporting midwives in safe childbirth for all.  They play an active role throughout maternity services and within the Trust in supporting the Clinical Governance Agenda.


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