Mental health

You can get depression and other mental health problems when you are pregnant as well as after your baby is born. Accessing support early is recommended so that you can get the right treatment for you. Most people with depression, anxiety and other mental health problems can manage with talking therapies and sometimes medication is required.

Recognising depression symptoms

  • Feeling sad, a low mood, or tearful a lot of the time
  • Feeling irritable, or getting angry easily
  • Losing interest in other people
  • Not enjoying things that you used to like
  • Loss of appetite or over eating
  • Negative thoughts and worry
  • Feeling guilty, hopeless or blaming yourself for problems
  • Problems concentrating and making decisions

Some mood changes in pregnancy are normal, like feeling more tired or irritable. If you are struggling to cope or the symptoms are impacting your life you should access support.

Support available

  • Your GP can make referrals for support and prescribe medication
  • Your Midwife can make referrals for support
  • You can booking wellbeing workshops and/or self-refer online to CNWL talking therapies: Hillingdon IAPT (

If you need help urgently, you can call the 24/7 North West London Crisis Line on 0800 0234 650.

Maternity Trauma and Loss Care (M-TLC)

This service is for people who have suffered previous birth trauma, loss surrounding pregnancy or are fearful about giving birth. The M-TLC team of specialist midwives and psychological therapists can support you.

You can self-refer to this service online