The Centre for Spiritual and Pastoral Care (Chaplaincy)

Chaplaincy services locations

Hillingdon Chapel
Lower Ground Floor
Hillingdon Hospital
Telephone: 01895 279433

Islamic Prayer Room
Lower Ground Floor
Hillingdon Hospital
Entry code available from Main Reception or Chaplains' Office

Mount Vernon Chapel
Mount Vernon Hospital
Telephone: 01923 844487
East and North Herts Cancer Centre
Michael Sobell House

Chapels and Islamic Prayer Room

The chapels at Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital have facilities for people of all world faiths to worship and pray - available for patients, visitors, and staff. You are welcome to use our chapels or the Islamic Prayer Room for private prayer, meditation, or quiet reflection.

Religious services

Roman Catholic Mass - Sundays: 2pm in the Chapel at Hillingdon Hospital.
(No Mass when a priest is not available - please see Chaplaincy Notice Board for details)

Memorial services and ceremonies - Our chaplains sometimes prepare memorial services and celebrations for colleagues and former colleagues who have died. Please discuss the options with one of the chaplains.

What support is available?

Pastoral support

Listening ear or a compassionate and supportive presence, when people have:

  • anxieties about their diagnosis, clinical interventions, or recovery
  • concerns about their families and friends, or personal issues
  • issues related to the end of life, loss and grief, and bereavement.

Spiritual support

Support for people who hold either non-religious world views or a religious faith:

  • to think through ethical issues (eg. related to their treatment)
  • to reflect on spiritual concerns about life and death.

Faith-based support

  • access to a person who shares their faith or to a local faith group
  • reflection on personal concerns from a specific faith perspective
  • prayers, sacraments and rituals within specific faith traditions
  • the provision of sacred texts or religious materials.

Admission to hospital, and the experience of serious illness, often challenges people to reassess their attitudes to life, their values, relationships, and beliefs. The Centre for Spiritual and Pastoral Care (Chaplaincy) provides spiritual and pastoral support for both religious and non-religious patients, visitors, and staff.

Chaplain and pastoral support volunteers

Our chaplains and pastoral support volunteers are available for patients, their visitors and staff. They provide spiritual and pastoral support for people who hold non-religious world views as well as one of a wide range of religious beliefs (at both Hillingdon and Mount Vernon Hospital).

Volunteers are essential to the provision of chaplaincy care. Please contact the Chaplaincy Office if think this role might suit you.

Getting around

Use the AccessAble access guides to help plan your journey and easily find you way around the hospital.

Access guide to the Chaplaincy