Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Department is based at Hillingdon Hospital and offers hospital-based care. We provide a 6-week exercise programme for patient undergoing cardiac rehabilitation, with education talks for members of the public.

The service is open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm.

Cardiac Rehabilition
Lower Ground Annexe Corridor,
Behind Blood Clinic
Hillingdon Hospital
Telephone: 01895 279919

Nurse-Led Heart Failure Clinic

All patients who are admitted to Hillingdon Hospital due to heart failure are offered an outpatient appointment in The Nurse Led Heart Failure Clinic two weeks after discharge.

The clinics are currently held Monday to Friday between 10am to 3pm. They run alongside the Cardiology Clinic allowing medical support.

The clinic allows titration and monitoring of heart failure medication with close follow up.

Each appointment is for approx half an hour allowing time for an ECG (if appropriate), assessment and blood tests (if appropriate) and time to discuss the condition.

Once patients are on maximum therapy and stable they will be discharged to the care of their GP or to the care of the Community Heart Failure Nurses.

Referrals are also accepted from the Cardiology Clinic, from other hospitals with patients who live in the Hillingdon area and from other heart failure specialists nurses.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Heart Failure Service

Rollicah Moyo
Heart Failure Specialist Nurse
Direct Line: Rollicah Moyo

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