Outpatient Therapy at Mount Vernon Hospital

A comprehensive physiotherapy & occupational therapy service is available at the Mount Vernon site.


We are split into two outpatient departments with individual private curtained areas and a large treatment area and fully equipped large gymnasium with a treadmill, static bikes, cross-trainer, gym balls, proprioception boards and trampette, providing an ideal rehabilitation area for you.
All treatments are available at the Mount Vernon site with the exception of hydrotherapy (which is only available at the Hillingdon Hospital site).

Telephone enquiries – 01923 844 430

Services we offer

We run therapy services from both Hillingdon and Mount Vernon Hospital.


The musculoskeletal (MSK) outpatient service provides assessment and treatment of your musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) conditions. You will receive an assessment based on the referral we have received and develop a treatment plan to achieve agreed goals. 

Physiotherapists may use a range of techniques including manual therapy, exercise, acupuncture, electrotherapy and taping. 
We also run classes which may form part of the treatment plan, including

  • Osteoarthritis knee class
  • ACL rehabilitation class
  • General Knee Class
  • Foot & Ankle Class
  • Hand Class
  • Shoulder Class
  • Back Class

The Back School is a group triage, assessment and education session for patients presenting with low back pain and will last approximately 1 ½ hours.  During the session you will be shown a short presentation and have an opportunity to talk to a senior physiotherapist about the management of your back pain.

If you have been referred for the Back School we will have sent you 3 forms for you to complete and bring with you to the session.  It is extremely important for you to bring these completed forms with you when you come so that we can maximise the time with you when you are with us. 

You can also download the 3 forms below as well as a back pain guide.  If you have any questions regarding the Back School please call us on:

Hillingdon - 01895 279369 or Mount Vernon - 01923 844 261

More information

Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapy

We have specialist women’s and men’s health physiotherapists that provide assessment and treatment for women and men with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor muscle related disorders.

We treat urinary and bowel incontinence, prolapse, antenatal, pelvic pain, constipation as well as many other conditions

Vestibular Physiotherapy (Vertigo and Dizziness)

We have specialist vestibular physiotherapists that provide assessment and treatment of vertigo and dizziness symptoms.

Post-operative rehabilitation

Following total knee replacement surgery you will be automatically referred to our post op Total knee class to aid in your rehabilitation.
We also offer individual and class treatments as appropriate for other orthopaedic procedures.

Oncology Physiotherapy

We have specialist oncology physiotherapists that provide assessment and treatment to help with increasing range of movement and help to control treatment side-effects following a cancer diagnosis.

Hand therapy

The hand therapy service at Mount Vernon Hospital treats and rehabilitates patients who have injured their hand, which often requires hand surgery. We work alongside our colleagues at from Royal Free in a multidisciplinary team or physiotherapists and occupational therapists who can help in restoring function to our patients.

Rapid Recovery Programme (hip and knee replacements)

We have been running the rapid recovery programme across both sites since 2008 with excellent results. We have become a centre of reference for other hospitals and are constantly evolving our service.  For more information on the rapid recovery programme please click on the link: rapid-recovery.co.uk.

Respiratory Outpatient Physiotherapy

Hillingdon hospital provides an Outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy service for adults which offers individual one-to-one appointments to help you manage your respiratory condition.

Coming for your appointment (Where we are, parking, what to wear)

You will either be given an appointment for the First Floor Physiotherapy Gym or the Ground Floor Physiotherapy Department.

Please enter via Entrance 3 and you will see the door to physiotherapy directly to your right.  If you get lost head toward Minor Injuries / X-Ray as we are on the same corridor but at the other end.

There is parking available on site and it is free for the first half hour.  We recommend paying for 1 hour as your appointments can exceed this period.  Please arrive promptly, as our physiotherapists have fully booked diaries there will not be any opportunity to extend your appointment if you are late.

If you are unable to make your appointment

Please make sure you call us as early as you can to re-book your appointment.  If you cancel at short notice (within 24 hours before your appointment) more than once you will be discharged from the service.

If you fail to make your appointment without informing us

You will be discharged from our service and require a new referral in order to be seen.

What to wear

Please wear something that is appropriate for assessment and treatment for example if you are seeing us for a hip or knee injury, shorts would be preferable. You may be given exercises to complete and therefore trainers or supportive shoes would be better than work shoes or flipflops.  If it is a back or an upper limb problem, sports bras or vest tops may allow the physios to be able to see the area more clearly.