Hearing Therapy

What services are available to you, the patient?

We offer a dedicated management and counselling service to adults experiencing tinnitus, hyperacusis, auditory processing disorder, menieres disease, acoustic neuroma, progressive/sudden hearing loss, or those struggling to come to terms with their gradual loss of hearing.

We don't provide hearing aids - see the Hearing Aid & Audiology Service (Adult).

Why should I choose the Hearing Therapy Department at Hillingdon Hospital?

We have an excellent response time to referrals, provide care close to patient’s homes and are highly experienced in working with patients who have hearing losses or associated symptoms and who may also have a wide range of complex needs.

Who will I see?

Our Specialist Hearing Therapist, Póilín Dorrian. Póilín qualified as a Hearing Therapist in 1993 and began working for us in 1994. During this time she has continued to develop and expand the services we can offer you, particularly in the field of tinnitus management.

How do I get referred to Hearing Therapy?

Ask your GP or audiologist to make a referral, but please be aware that if you have Tinnitus (a sound in your head/ears), Hyperacusis (you find everyday sounds intrusively loud, uncomfortable or even painful), or Auditory Processing Disorder (inability to hear specific sounds such as speech in the presence of other background sounds), you must have been seen by an ENT specialist before onward referral to Hearing Therapy can be made.

Can I contact the Hearing Therapist if I have a question?

Of course! Our telephone number is 01895 279817. Enquires are always welcome, and if the Hearing Therapist is not available to take your call, you can leave your name and contact number with our 24-hour answering service and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Hearing Therapy Department

Hillingdon Hospital
Telephone: 01895 279817
Monday-Thursday (except bank holidays), 7.30am-3.30pm (appointment only)