Help with travel costs

If you are on a low income, you may be entitled to reclaim your travel expenses. You will need to show proof of receiving benefits and proof of travel costs such as a receipt or ticket. Take this paperwork to the Cashier’s Office (Mon to Thurs (morning and afternoon) and Friday morning) or to the Security Desk in the main entrance hall on Friday afternoon.

Concessionary parking for patients and visitors

The Trust supports the NHS ‘fair for all, not free for all’ principles for hospital car parking. To make regular trips to our hospitals easier, we provide the following concessions for patients and their primary visitors to reduce the costs:

  • £1 parking for disabled Blue Badge holders in either designated disabled parking spaces or if these are not available, in general parking spaces
  • Free 20-minute drop off points
  • Weekly visitor parking permits for £12 (equivalent to £1.71 per day)
  • Monthly visitor parking permits for £25 (equivalent of 82p per day)
  • Reduced cost parking for cancer patients at £1 a day
  • Patients who have arrived for their outpatient appointment to find it has been cancelled are entitled to free exit

Apply for your visitor permit through the ward you are attending, and once authorised, buy your concessionary ticket at the Car Parking Office at that hospital.

Disabled drivers have to pay a £1 flat fee to park on either site. In pay and display areas, pay £1 and display the ticket using the specified machines provided.

If parking in the ANPR (barrier) car parks, you will need to register your details with the Parking Department. Once this has been done, you can enter your car registration at the ‘Pay on Foot’ machine upon exit and pay the £1 fee.

Cancer patients at Mount Vernon now need to register to get a laminated permit which lasts for 6 months. Alongside this permit, you will now be able to pay £1 at the pay and display machines instead of purchasing tokens, or if parking in Car Park H (ANPR car park) you can enter your car registration at the machine before you exit and pay the £1 fee. Once this has been paid, you can just drive to the exit and the barrier will automatically lift.