Staying in hospital

We run services from two hospitals, make sure you know which hospital you are going to:

  • Hillingdon Hospital Pield Heath Rd, Uxbridge
  • Mount Vernon Hospital Rickmansworth Rd, Northwood

Being admitted to hospital

You will have received a letter telling you your admission date. Telephone the number to confirm your bed is available and you will be advised where to come. You may wish to bring a relative or friend to help you settle in. Sometimes the number of emergency admissions is higher than expected, in which case we may need to cancel an admission (you will be given a new date within 28 days).

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your inpatient procedure please contact the Admissions Team urgently on 01895 279301. Please have your Patient Number to hand.

Simple steps to keep you safe during your hospital stay

While you are in hospital, keeping you safe and well is a priority for the staff looking after you. There are also some simple things you can do to help keep yourself safe during your hospital stay, such as asking for help when needed, protecting yourself from slips and falls and helping to prevent blood clots.

The NHS England National Patient Safety Team have created a video and leaflet providing tips on keeping yourself safe during your hospital stay.

Simple steps to keep you safe during your hospital stay


Post is collected and delivered every weekday. Post for collection should be given to a member of the ward. Please make sure your relatives and friends know the name of the ward you are on, as this will enable your post to be delivered promptly.

Criteria-Led_Discharge_-_information_for_patients.pdf [pdf] 163KB

Which hospital should I go to?

Your appointment letter will tell you whether you are booked into Hillingdon Hospital or Mount Vernon Hospital.

How do I find my ward?

Your admission letter will tell you the date and time of your admission and name of consultant/clinic. Go straight to the ward or 'check-in' at appropriate admissions office - your admission letter tells you what to do. The receptionist at the main entrance can direct you to your ward.

On arrival, give your name and appointment letter/card to the receptionist who will confirm your personal details and book you in. It is very important that we have a daytime and evening telephone number for you, in case we need to arrange to see you at short notice. You may be asked to transfer wards during your stay to ensure you receive the best care - staff will ensure any transfer is safe and comfortable.

Patient Line

Patient Line is a bedside system for patients providing TV, telephone and radio. It gives the patient the opportunity to keep in touch with loved ones, to enjoy watching favourite television programmes and to listen to any choice of radio station.


From bedside to UK landline10p/minuteFrom UK landline to bedside39p/minute (off-peak), 49p/minute (peak)

Please note call charges to or from international destinations, mobiles and other networks may vary.

The television has 16 channels. All patients can enjoy one hour free each day, and television is free for all children aged 16 and under, otherwise the national pricing is £3.50 a day (concessions available to patients aged 60 and over and for long stay patients).

All radio stations are free at all times. Both Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon have their own (independent) radio stations, Radio Hillingdon (opens new window) and Radio Mount Vernon.

If you have a friend or a loved one in hospital, you can purchase a Patientline card as a gift by telephoning Patientline on 0800 959 3100.