Visiting the hospital

We welcome friends, family and carers to visit patients in either of our hospitals. To safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff and patients please:

  • Clean your hands on arrival at the hospital and when entering or exiting a ward

How many visitors?

The Trust actively supports Johns’ Campaign and our carers commitments, and invites carers to visit patients at any time to support their relative or loved one whilst they are in hospital.

Most inpatient wards

Each patient on inpatient wards can have two visitors per bed space for the visiting hours of that ward, normally 3-5pm and 6-8pm. Please check with the ward you are visiting.

Emergency Department, Outpatients, Day Surgery Unit and Trinity Ward

Patients can have one visitor per patient. 

Paediatric (children's) wards

Patient's in children's wards can have one relative at any time to visit, as well as other immediate family during the visiting times: 3-5pm and 6-8pm.

Neonatal Unit

Patient and guardians can visit the Neonatal Unit at any time. Other family members can visit 2-7pm. Parents will book visiting slots (1 hour slot per family) for them with the nurses in advance.


Hillingdon Hospital

Alderbourne - Telephone 01895 279 739
Acute Medical Unit - Telephone 01895 279940
Beaconsfield East - Telephone 01895 279740
Bevan Ward - Telephone 
Churchill  - Telephone 01895 279693
Drayton - Telephone 01895 279520
Enhanced Medical Care Unit - Telephone 01895 279695
Franklin - Telephone 01895 279508
Grange  - Telephone 01895 279511
Hayes - Telephone 01895 279511
Jersey - Telephone 01895 279173
Kennedy - Telephone 01895 279802 
Lister - Telephone 01895 279480
Pagett - Telephone 
Surgical Assessment Unit - Telephone 
Stroke Unit - Telephone 01895 279480

Mount Vernon Hospital

Daniels  - Telephone 01923 844 679
Trinity Ward - Not currently open to visitors
Trinity Day Care Unit - Not currently open to visitors