Our vision for a new hospital

Our vision is to provide a state-of-the-art hospital for the residents of Hillingdon, and beyond, which supports the very best in delivery of healthcare.

The future of Hillingdon Hospital

At the heart of our proposals is a shared vision of providing improved access to better healthcare services for our population in a new fit for purpose local hospital on the Hillingdon Hospital site. 

Working with our partners across the community we seek to improve care and help avoid unnecessary hospital stays. Our strategy targets improvements through collaboration, integration and greater efficiency.   

We plan to provide the same range of services that are currently available at the hospital, but in a high quality, purpose-built facility. In designing the new facility, we will work with our partners across the health and social care system to improve the integration of care across the borough and beyond.

Benefits of a new hospital

A new hospital provides the opportunity to improve facilities and provide the hospital that our patients and staff deserve. 

It can provide:

  • A more attractive environment for staff and patients, improving their experience

  • Full compliance with the latest safety standards

  • Better connectivity between departments making it easier for patients to move through the hospital

  • Greater adoption of digital technologies to enhance patient care and safety

  • Improved privacy with significantly more side rooms

  • A more efficient building that is environmentally friendly

  • Inclusion of areas to benefit the wider community, including for example green spaces

  • Flexibility to adapt facilities in response to potential future pandemics

  • Support the integration of care and wellbeing across North West London and support the wider local economy through the creation of local jobs

Benefits of a new hospital - video