Birth plan

You should think about creating a birth plan around 30-35 weeks of pregnancy but earlier if you would like to. It can be amended at any time if you change your mind.

You can record your birth plan in your blue notes for midwives to see, this is found in the yellow ‘labour’ section on the second page.

Things to consider when creating a birth plan

  • Get your birth partner involved in the planning. This can help that person understand all of your wishes and be your advocate when you may not feel able to do so
  • Ensure you research your birthing options to make an informed decision. Information for you to read about birthing choices are available on the Hillingdon Antenatal padlet (link to padlet) and the NHS website
  • Book onto anntenatal classes
  • Be open minded about any situation that could happen.

If you are still unsure after considering all your options or want to discuss anything further, please speak with your midwife.