Inpatient therapies at Hillingdon Hospital

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists work closely with inpatients for the following:

Medicine and Surgery

Telephone enquiries – 01895 279484

This team assesses and treats patients referred by medical teams during their stay in hospital due to an acute episode of illness. The physiotherapists provide assessment and intervention to all patients on ITU, amputees, and those who have had major upper abdominal surgery. They also treat patients who have been referred for chest or mobility issues occurring during their stay, as well as those admitted with a pre-existing chest condition. The occupational therapists assess and provide interventions to those identified by medical staff, nursing staff, therapists or the patient/family as having potential difficulties with their activities of daily living or home environment.

Acute Older Adults

Telephone enquiries – 01895 279748

This team assesses and provides therapy intervention for patients under the care of a consultant geriatrician, during the acute stage of their hospital admission. The therapists work across the hospital, and provide advice, support and equipment, as well as exercises and interventions to maximise independence. Working in close partnerships with our nursing, medical and social work staff, we will advise you and your family or carers about leaving hospital, or whether further rehabilitation is beneficial.


Telephone enquiries – 01895 238282

The Orthopaedic Therapy Team consists of occupational therapists and physiotherapists who assess and treat you if you have been admitted under an orthopaedic surgeon. This may be following planned surgery e.g. a hip or knee replacement, or after trauma involving broken bones. They work closely with other healthcare professionals to maximise independence and ensure you are safe to move about and manage activities of daily living e.g. washing and dressing.

If you have a planned hip and knee replacement, you will attend a therapy session before admission to hospital as part of the  Rapid Recovery Joint School. Here you will be given information about your surgery and shown exercises to do after your operation. You will also be asked to provide information about your home to enable therapists to plan a safe and timely departure from hospital.

Neurorehabilitation Unit

Telephone enquiries – 01895 279488

We specialise in acute and long term management of complex neurological disability. The Therapy team is comprised of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and therapy assistants, providing both inpatient and outpatient services. We also work closely with other health care professionals based on the Alderbourne Rehabilitation Unit. There are groups as part of treatment for suitable patients. Please wear day clothes (rather than nightwear) and flat well-fitting shoes.

Stroke Unit

Telephone enquiries – 01895 238282

The Occupational Therapy Team provide acute therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation to patients admitted to the Stroke Unit at Hillingdon Hospital. We offer specialist stroke assessment and intervention soon after your stroke and ongoing rehabilitation until you leave hospital or are transferred for further rehabilitation.

The physiotherapy department at Hillingdon Hospital also offer an ‘out-of-hours’ private physiotherapy service to both self-funding and insured patients.

We have staff who are recognised by; BUPA, AXA and PPP.