North West London Pathology (Phlebotomy)

Phlebotomy (taking blood)

Routine tests ordered by a GP

We no longer offer a service for blood tests requested by a GP (the only exception is for urgent or specialised tests that have to be processed on the same day).

If a doctor from Hillingdon or Mount Vernon hospitals has asked you to have a blood test before your next appointment you must book an appointment at one hospital or the other (to suit you).

This does not apply to patients sent directly from an outpatient clinic on the same day, or those requiring specialised tests that need to be processed on the same day. These patients will be seen without the need to book.

Please remember to bring a printed copy of the request form given to you by the doctor, as without this you will not be seen.

Please remember to fast if instructed to do so; water is permitted.

Children aged 10-16 can be seen at Hillingdon Hospital only. For children under 10, please contact Rainbow Ward via the Hillingdon Hospital switchboard on 01895 238282.

Please do not arrive more than five minutes before your appointment time.

Book outpatient blood test

Phlebotomy clinic times

Clinic times: 7am-4pm Monday-Friday, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Glucose tolerance tests

Only urgent glucose tolerance tests can be booked, and by telephone only please. Call Mount Vernon Hospital on 01923 844732 or 01923 826111, or Hillingdon Hospital on 01895 238282.

Haematology clinical times

Paediatric Clinic Monday 9.30am - 12.30pm
New Patient Clinic Monday 10-11am and Thursday 10-11.30am
General Clinic Tuesday 9am - 12 noon
Mount Vernon Clinic Wednesday 9am - 12 noon

Please note:

  • These are NOT 'taking blood' clinics - see phlebotomy times above
  • Children under 16 cannot give blood at Mount Vernon Hospital. Please either attend Hillingdon Hospital or consult your GP.
  • Blood Management patient leaflets - from NHS Blood and Transport



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