Paediatric (Children's) Allergy

Paediatric (Children's) Allergy

We diagnose and treat all aspects of allergic disease in children

We diagnose, treat and manage all aspects of allergic disease in children up to 16 years old. During their clinic visit, your child may be seen by a doctor, clinical nurse specialist (CNS) and/or specialist allergy dietician.

Tests: we offer a full range of allergy diagnostic tests, including skin prick and measurement of specific IgE testing, and also carry out food challenges and drug provocation tests.

Management: we give families comprehensive information about avoiding exposure to allergens and the treatment of allergic disease, including information leaflets and emergency management plans so allergic reactions can be safely managed at home and school.



Name Size/Type Description Date
Aeroallergens-_Pollens_and_spores.pdf 171KB PDF 13 Oct 2022
Allergy_to_animals.pdf 170KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Allergy_to_cows_milk.pdf 183KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Allergy_to_dust_mite.pdf 183KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Allergy_to_latex.pdf 400KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Allergy_to_sesame.pdf 175KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Allergy_to_shellfish_fish.pdf 180KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Allergy_to_soya.pdf 425KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Avoiding_food_allergic_reactions.pdf 411KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Calcium_and_vitamin_D.pdf 439KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Egg_Allergy.pdf 380KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Egg_ladder-Introducing_egg.pdf 425KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Food_challenge-inconclusive.pdf 333KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Food_challenge-successful.pdf 332KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Food_challenge-unsuccessful.pdf 332KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Home_challenge_to_liquid_food.pdf 374KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Home_challenge_to_solid_food.pdf 414KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Introducing_wheat_into_child_diet.pdf 388KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Milk_ladder-Reintroduction_of_Dairy_in_Cows_milk_Allergy.pdf 396KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Nut_avoidance_advice.pdf 605KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Oral_allergy_syndrome.pdf 171KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Soya_Ladder-_Introduce_soya_into_the_diet.pdf 474KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Treatment_of_Anaphylaxis.pdf 258KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Understanding_eczema_and_care_plan.pdf 633KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Urticaria_and_Angiioedema.pdf 452KB PDF 12 Oct 2022
Websites_for_allergy_sufferers_and_families.pdf 149KB PDF 12 Oct 2022