Sustainability at the Trust

We are a significant employer and activity generator, and realise our responsibility to work towards a sustainable future. We have produced a Green Plan, which evidences our commitment to the net-zero national ambition and ‘For a Greener NHS’ Campaign.

Green Plan 2021-24.pdf [pdf] 989KB

We have made significant progress in achieving the Green Plan foundations, such as appointing board-level sustainability lead and implementing a board-approved Sustainable Travel and Transport Plan. We reduced our carbon emissions by 51% in year 2020/21. These actions taken have helped to secure a £1.82 million government grant to deliver decarbonisation projects. There has been improved estates performance, enhanced patient experience and increased awareness of sustainability amongst our staff, internal and external stakeholders. Our commitment is to deliver Green Plan and develop future opportunities.

Our sustainability vision

Continually sustain culture change and retain the savings to meet our sustainability and net zero national ambitions.

Our sustainability objectives

  • Sustain the culture change and retain the savings that have been already made.
  • Secure senior leadership both in clinical and non-clinical areas in delivering the initiatives.
  • Integrate sustainability by embedding resulting actions into every business activities.
  • Focus on delivering sustainability ambitions in identified target areas.
  • Lead by example.
  • Vision is to support in the delivery of net zero strategy for a new hospital building.

Our focus areas

  • energy and carbon reduction in our buildings
  • reducing waste
  • increasing recycling rates
  • water conservation
  • sustainable transport and travel
  • sustainable patient transport services
  • programmes that support behaviour and culture change

Our target

We aim to reach an 80% reduction of emissions by 2028-2032 and net zero by 2040.

Our key performance indicators

The following are our key successes since April 2020:

  • LIVE Energy Display to monitor energy consumption at anytime and from anywhere
  • 100% renewable electricity (zero carbon emissions) in use
  • Zero domestic waste to landfill
  • Improved waste segregation facilities
  • Increase in recycling rates
  • Food recycling
  • Reducing plastic consumption
  • Launched first in UK Electric Ambulance
  • 24% fleet is green with zero emissions
  • Solely purchase and lease cars that are ultra-low emissions vehicles (ULEVs) or zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs)
  • A green travel plan to support active travel & transport
  • LIVE Bus information to encourage the use of public transport
  • 38% increase in secured cycle capacity (staff and public)
  • Cycle to Work Schemes for staff are in place
  • Sustainability is now a Trust mandatory Course available as e-learning.

Our decarbonisation projects

  • LED lighting upgrades across the Estates
  • Windows upgrade to double glazed (246 windows)
  • Solar Photovoltaic on three buildings roofs
  • Improving efficiency of our boilers.

Our case studies

The below are some of our sample case studies:

Recognition and awards

  • Winner 2020, Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice
  • Winner 2021, the Electric Vehicle Innovation & Excellence Awards for Best Product or Service, UK’s first Electric Ambulance
  • Winner 2021, London Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC), Best Partnership Award for London Borough of Hillingdon and THH
  • Winner 2022, National Sustainability Awards in Transformation Awards category (
  • Winner 2022, International Green Apple Awards in Environmental Best Practice, Committing to a Greener NHS
  • Winner 2022, International Green Apple Awards in Environmental Best Practice, Bin-free Offices & Sustainability Store

Thanks, and we need you in our journey

We engage and work with wide range of internal and external stakeholders (facilities contractors) this also includes London Boroughs of Hillingdon, Westrans, London Cycle Campaign, TfL, and our suppliers. This engagement is key for our success. We would like to acknowledge and thank everybody involved in helping us in our sustainability commitments. We look forward to retain this support for future challenges. Our thanks also extend to patients and public for using our sustainability initiative facilities.