Hillingdon Children’s Respiratory Service 

Welcome to the Hillingdon Children's Respiratory Service

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What we do

As a service we provide holistic care for children and young people with asthma and viral induced wheeze.  

We diagnose, treat, educate and train families to help them manage their child’s respiratory condition.  

We run community based clinics closer to homes and school (in Yiewsely, Hayes, Ruislip & Hillingdon). We also have a consultant led clinic with diagnostic testing including spirometry, FeNo and allergy skin prick testing.  

We work in partnership with colleagues in the community; 

  • Asthma Friendly Schools Project 
  • Primary Care Role Modelling Clinics 
  • My health Asthma workshops for parents & carers.  

Meet the team​ 

  • Alison Summerfield, Paediatric Respiratory & Allergy Nurse Consultant​ 
  • Stevie Strutton, Becca McDonnell, Lucy Wallace & Niamh Goff ​ 
  • Respiratory Nurse Specialists​ 
  • Dr Stephen Goldring, Paediatric Consultant​ 



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