Our strategy

Trust stategy

The Trust has a series of exciting long-term strategic developments we are seeking to pursue for the benefit of our patients that look to improve the health and wellbeing of those within Hillingdon.

Our Trust_Strategy_2022-26.pdf [pdf] 2MB details the key strategic priorities that will guide all that we do over the next five years. However, this plan cannot be achieved alone. The pandemic highlighted the benefits of working together with our partners, and we look forward to an era of even closer collaboration as part of the development of the Acute Provider Collaborative across North West London.

This plan signals our commitment to ensuring we have the fundamental groundwork in place to deliver what our patients, communities and staff expect of us. We have six overarching objectives that, together, will enable us to achieve our vision.

Trust strategy objectives

We have ambitious plans for the next five years that will focus on our workforce, high quality patient care and a financial plan. We are committed to getting the basics right first to deliver our vision of providing the best possible care for all who need our services.

With the support of our staff, we will be able to deliver improvements and make change to improve the experience for both our staff, patients and local community.

To read the full Trust_Strategy_2022-26.pdf [pdf] 2MB.

Other Trust strategies

The strategies that underpin our Trust_Strategy_2022-26.pdf [pdf] 2MB are below.



Name Size/Type Description Date
Carers Strategy 2023-2029.pdf 218KB PDF 18 Jan 2023
Clinical_Strategy_2019-29.pdf 3494KB PDF 11 Jan 2023
Digital_Strategy_2022-2027.pdf 3075KB PDF 12 Jan 2023
End_of_life_care_strategy_2017-2020.pdf 597KB PDF 11 Jan 2023
Estates Strategy 2021 - 2024 5420KB PDF 20 Jan 2023
Green Plan 2021-24.pdf 1013KB PDF 26 Jan 2023
Modern_Slavery_Act_Statement_2022_23.pdf 326KB PDF 11 Jan 2023
Nursing_Midwifery_Allied_Health_Professional_Strategy-2022-26.pdf 2096KB PDF 11 Jan 2023
Patient Engagement and Experience Strategy 2023-2026.pdf 384KB PDF 18 Jan 2023
People_strategy_2021-24.pdf 942KB PDF 11 Jan 2023
Quality_&_Safety_Improvement_Strategy_2016-2021.pdf 394KB PDF 11 Jan 2023
Trust_Strategy_2022-26.pdf 2345KB PDF 11 Jan 2023