Palliative Care

What is palliative care?

Palliative Care seeks to improve the quality of life for patients and their families facing the problems associated with advanced, progressive or life-limiting illnesses. This is achieved by preventing and relieving suffering which can be physical, psychological and/or social.

The Hillingdon Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team

The team includes Consultants, Specialist Nurses and Psychologists with education and training in cancer and palliative care. Their training includes courses in pain management, symptom control and psychological support for patients, their families and carers.

The Palliative Care Team works closely with the doctors looking after patients on all wards and can offer the following help:

  • specific advice about disturbing symptoms if they occur, such as pain, nausea and shortness of breath
  • emotional and psychological support in helping you and your family adjust to the changes in lifestyle your illness may cause
  • support for staff looking after those approaching end of life in hospital
  • information about symptoms, treatments and other sources of care and support
  • assistance in planning future care once the patient leaves hospital
  • assistance with family worries including advice on practical help in the home and where to go for help regarding financial matters.
  • We may also liaise with colleagues working in the community, including GPs, district nursescommunity palliative care nursesHarlington Hospice and Michael Sobell Hospice as required

The multidisciplinary team meets weekly to discuss all new patients, in order to ensure high standards of care are met.

Initiatives in quality improvement

Comfort Care symbolThe Comfort Care Symbol represents a model of care that has been developed to promote dignity, respect and compassion at the end of life.

End-of-life care champions

This is a year-long education and development program for nursing staff on the wards with the aim of improving standards of care and facilitating change where needed.

Palliative care consultants

  • Department of Palliative Care - 01895 279412
  • Dr J Leithead, Consultant - 01895 279412
  • Dr J Potter, Consultant - 01895 279412
  • Dr K Cauldwell, Consultant - 01895 279412
  • Palliative Care Team Co-ordinator - 01895 279385

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