Volunteering FAQs

What do volunteers do?

Our volunteers play an important role, helping our staff make the hospital experience better for patients. We offer a wide variety of volunteering roles, ranging from volunteering in wards and clinical areas to supporting visitors coming into the hospital. Take a look at our list of current volunteer opportunities to see if there's something that will suit you.

Will I be interviewed?

If your application is shortlisted you will be offered an interview. You must have all necessary documentation to start as a Trust volunteer. This includes having references to cover three years, having documentation to process a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, and completing your mandatory core skills programme.

Can I choose where I volunteer?

We have a limited number of roles at Mount Vernon Hospital, with most roles available at Hillingdon Hospital. We engage with clinical teams, and based on their engagement with the volunteering service that’s where we place volunteers. We will endeavor to identify the motivation of the volunteer and try to align with that.

Do all applicants get accepted for volunteering?

If your application is shortlisted you will be offered an interview. To be shortlisted you must demonstrate that you meet the criteria of the job description you are applying for.

Will I be able to volunteer immediately?

There is an 'on-boarding' process, if the volunteer provides all their documentation early and completes their training, this can be as quick as up to two weeks. This is largely dependent on the volunteer to provide the information in a timely manner to avoid delays.

Will I get any training?

You will complete mandatory training offered by Health Education England before you start. Based on the team you are placed in, there will be further specific training provided before you start volunteering, with opportunities where relevant to gain further experience if you desire.

Can I volunteer if I am under 18?

You need to be over 17 years old and live locally if you would like to become a volunteer for our Trust. If you would like more information about these roles, please look at our available roles on goassemble.com.

How long and how often can I volunteer?

Volunteers must meet the minimum criteria of volunteering which is up to four hours a week for a period 4 months. (It was previously one year before the pandemic).

How do I apply?

Online: our available roles on goassemble.com

What will happen to my benefits if I volunteer?

There is no impact to benefits as volunteers sign a code of conduct and not an employment contract. Volunteers are given lunch vouchers and reimbursed with travel costs.

Can I claim expenses?

Volunteers are given lunch vouchers and reimbursed with travel costs.

Where can I volunteer?

Here are some examples of departments and services where volunteers are needed:  Volunteer roles

Are there volunteering opportunities with other organisations?

Certainly, because we work closely with other NHS Trusts in North West London and across the country. Our local community partner, H4ALL, has a range of roles available for organisations within the local community.

Covid-19 specific FAQs

Will I be expected to volunteer on a Covid-19 ward?

We have largely kept volunteers out of ‘Covid-19 wards’ during the return to norma after the pandemic. However, there have been cases on some of the wards to which volunteers go. These patients are usually in isolation rooms or bays, and volunteers are not expected to support these patients. However volunteers must be aware that there will be patients with Covid-19 at the hospital and must follow procedure, which is communicated to all volunteers. On the rare occasion a ward may be closed to volunteers if there is an outbreak, we encourage volunteers to get into the habit of checking with the supervisor before coming to the hospital.

Will I be entitled to a vaccine if I am a volunteer?

Yes - our volunteers are considered staff, so have access to the same opportunities as staff: vaccines, PPE etc.

What level of PPE would I be required to wear when volunteering?

That depends on the location. Look out for signage around the hospital which will inform you of the PPE required in each area.