The Pharmacy Department is at Hillingdon Hospital. There is a pharmacy at Mount Vernon Hospital but this is covered by the East and North Herts NHS Trust.

Our department supplies approximately 25,000 items a month, 4,000 items to outpatients, 4,500 to inpatients, 6,000 items for patients to take home on discharge and 10,500 stock items to wards and departments such as Theatres, Outpatients and A&E by operating a ‘ top-up’ service. All dispensed items are clinically checked by a qualified pharmacist before the dispensing process takes place.

Our Medicines Information Unit answers 1,000 enquiries a year from doctors, nurses and other health professionals, as well as general medical practitioners, community clinics and members of the public.

Clinical pharmacists review patients' medication when they are admitted to the hospital to ensue that their medication is safe and effective.

NHS Minor Ailment Service - What is it?

Medicines Helpline - 01895 279652

If you have any questions about your medicines you can phone the Pharmacy Medicines Helpline on 01895 279652 (10am-4pm, Monday-Friday). This service is to assist patients with concerns over their medication following discharge from a ward, outpatient, daycare or A&E attendance - not a general one for any discharge problems.

Please have your medicines and prescriptions to hand when you telephone.

  • If you are concerned about any changes to your medicines following your hospital visit you can call the Medicines Help Line.
  • We can only talk to you about your own or your children’s medicines.
  • We cannot answer questions about your illness in general or other people’s medicines.
  • Return any medicines that you no longer need to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

Keep all medicines out of reach and sight of children

Getting to the Pharmacy

Use the AccessAble access guides to help plan your journey and easily find you way around the hospital.

Access guides to Pharmacy



Hospital Formulary

The Formulary is a list of the products available for prescribing by medical staff for routine care. 

The General Section contains products available to all prescribers and the Special section contains products to be used in specific circumstances or by specific specialities.  The Formulary includes drugs which have received positive NICE Technology Appraisals and which relate to the medical specialities provided by the Trust.

The chapters correspond to the British National Formulary classification and need to be used in conjunction with this document for prescribing information.  For dosing information, please refer to the current edition of the British National Formulary.