'Welcoming our baby' antenatal classes

'Welcoming our baby' antenatal classes

Our popular 'Welcoming our baby' antenatal classes prepare expectant parents by exploring strategies to cope with pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. This gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need on your journey to parenthood.

Welcoming our baby - antenatal classes are facilitated by midwives at our Trust who share up-to-date information, from evidence based guidelines, to help you make informed decisions. This approach provides you with a positive pregnancy and birth experience, which is an important and valued element of our maternity and child health services.

The topics covered in our antenatal classes are:

  • A pathway through pregnancy
  • Preparing your mind and body for labour, birth and beyond
  • The labour and birth process
  • When labour goes off the normal course
  • Welcoming your new baby
  • A journey to parenthood.

Our antenatal classes are free to anyone booked to have their baby at Hillingdon Hospital and are open to expecting parents and birthing partners. We also offer these classes for a fee to women and birthing people from other hospitals who are interested in attending as we understand the value of antenatal education.

Our classes are interactive, parents are encouraged to ask questions, we share valuable resources after the classes and you will also be able to contact a midwife after the classes with any future questions you may have.


If you're booked to have your baby at Hillingdon Hospital

Our antenatal classes, which are held on either a full day Saturday from 9am – 4pm (including breaks), or six sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm, are free if you are booked to have your baby at Hillingdon Hospital.

After your second scan book your antenatal classes by:

  • Asking our clerical staff in the antenatal clinic
  • Completing the contact form below.


If you are booked to have your baby at another hospital but interested in our paid antenatal classes

Our online antenatal classes are very popular and in high demand, however we understand the value of antenatal education, so we also offer this service to expectant parents throughout the UK. We offer six classes held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm. Cost is £140 for all 6 sessions. 

For more information about the classes, payment details and to book your place please complete the form below.


Antenatal Classes contact form

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

If you experience any issues with the form please email thh.welcomingourbaby@nhs.net with your name and contact number and we will arrange a free call back to discuss.



"You are such a sweet soul Kavita. It's a pleasure to talk with you. Thank you for your valuable time and support."
"Kavita was very informative and detailed. I loved how interactive the session was. This really exceeded my expectations and cannot stress how great this session was even compared to baby academy! I wish I had signed up earlier!"
"I just wanted to say a big huge, thank you to Kavita for answering all the questions and being very patient. It was a very helpful and informative session. You did great and most of my questions were answered some grateful."
"Everything was clearly explained and the online classes were easy to book on."
"It was quite good! Kavita was very supportive and answered all the questions we had."
"I think the classes touched upon a lot of different topics that was helpful."
"We were pleasantly surprised at how useful this online class was and how we remained engaged throughout. Kavita did a great job."
"I was very anxious about my pregnancy with everything I have heard from family, friends and social media, but attending antenatal classes made everything so much clearer."
"I delivered a baby girl the day after the antenatal classes. Thank you Kavita for your guidance and support it really helped a lot in my delivery journey."
"The antenatal classes covered lots of topics, I loved that I could still contact Kavita after the classes to ask questions and get further information as my pregnancy care changed."
"I looked at TikTok and Instagram a lot for information to prepare myself, but the session was overwhelming, as there was so much more information I did not know. But I appreciate how everything flowed well and Kavita made everything easy to understand. Keep up the good work"
"The classes were intense with lots of information but all very relevant as it helped to reduce my anxiety and fear about labour. After the antenatal classes I received a link to the hospital padlet with lots of additional information from videos, podcasts and useful links."
"I am online a lot for work and all my training is online, so I was not sure about doing the antenatal classes online, but I had no choice as all the face-to-face sessions were fully booked. It was fantastic we got lots of valuable information while being comfortable at home, especially during this hot weather. I also appreciated being able to contact Midwife Kavita afterwards to discuss 1:1 about my pregnancy care pathway in more detail and she clarified a lot of my concerns."