Alderbourne Rehabilitation Unit: Clinics and referrals

Outpatient clinics: Referrals by any healthcare professionals

  • Multidisciplinary assessment clinics
  • Spasticity clinics - including the use of botox and follow up splinting
  • Rehabilitation follow-up clinics
  • Neurology MS clinics
  • MS & rehab nurse clinics
  • Psychology clinics
  • Outpatient physiotherapy

Criteria for inpatient rehabilitation

The following criteria must be met for an individual to be accepted by our service:

  • The individual has clearly identified inpatient rehabilitation goals
  • Confirmed funding stream
  • Must be aged 18 and over 
  • Medically stable and able to participate in rehabilitation
  • The individual has rehabilitation potential on assessment       
  • There are realistic goals with achievable timescales for the stay in the unit

Referral process

The two units operate a combined assessment process and waiting list. Priority for admission to either unit is based on clinical need and service capacity rather than the date of referral. Referrals to the service can be made directly by any healthcare professional.

If you have access, referrals can be made using BadgerNet (North West London Neurology Referral Management System) or alternatively complete our inpatient referral form and send (by secure email only) to

Any further enquiries about our processes should be directed to our secretary on 01895 279 964.

ARU DRU referral form.docx [docx] 1MB