Antenatal care and appointments

Antenatal care and appointments

Your antenatal appointments at Hillingdon will vary according to your specific pregnancy needs. All antenatal appointments are held either in the Antenatal Clinic at Hillingdon Hospital, at a children’s centre in your local area or at your home if you are planning to have a homebirth.

Your appointment letters will tell you where to go. Sometimes you may have to attend Day Assessment Unit (DAU) on the 1st floor of the Hillingdon Hospital maternity building for additional monitoring.

You can expect to have an appointment at these stages in your pregnancy:

  • Booking 
  • 12 week dating scan
  • 16 weeks
  • 20 week anomaly scan
  • 25 weeks (1st pregnancy only)
  • 28 weeks
  • 31 weeks (1st pregnancy only)
  • 34 weeks
  • 36 weeks
  • 38 weeks
  • 40 weeks

If this is your first pregnancy: you will have a minimum of 9 antenatal appointments by a midwife or doctor before your due date
If you’ve had a baby before: you won’t need a routine 25 or 31 week appointment


Please note: your appointment date may not be exactly on the times above and you may have additional appointments where there is a need in your pregnancy, for example if you develop any problems or are over your due date.