After the birth

A woman sits in bed cradling her newborn baby and smiling up at a maternity department nurse

When your baby has been delivered, you will be transferred to the postnatal ward (Alexandra Ward).

Postnatal Ward (Alexandra Ward)

Alexandra Ward is a 22-bedded inpatient ward situated on the third floor. The postnatal ward is where you will go after the birth of your baby (unless you go directly home). There are also five single-bedded rooms. The postnatal team here looks after both mother and baby in the postnatal period.

After the birth of your baby we can offer an amenity room if one is available. These rooms cannot be booked in advance but please mention your request to the labour ward midwife after the birth of your baby. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request if a room is available. The cost of the room does not include any private care or separate menus.

Once you have been discharged you will be moved to the transfer lounge ready to go home.

If your baby requires additional support or care (s)he may be admitted to the Neonatal Unit. If you are medically fit for discharge you will be discharged home and will need to make arrangements to visit your baby. You may go home and make travel arrangements to visit whilst your baby is receiving specialist care. Arrangements can also be made for taking your baby’s first photograph.

Telephone numbers:01895 279459
01895 279934Any specific visiting restrictions:Three visitors only to each bed at ay one time. No children under the age of 14 years old.Ward amanger:Claire HickeyMatron:Anne Thysse